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06 Sep 2014
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Mabinogi Heroes | Zecallion Trailer [x]


Keaghan then


Keaghan now


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18 Aug 2014
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Vindictus : Zecallion Teaser

Zecallion’s name was mentioned in a devtalk around the time Arisha was released on the test server. The fact that the devtalk mentioned him growling makes it likely that he has canine features but one thing to keep in mind is that monsters without canine features tend to growl in this game as well.

Other than the brief mentioning on the Devtalk, the line ‘true loyalty’, and a blurred teaser trailer staged in what seems to be Ortell Castle, there isn’t much info we can speculate on.

15 Aug 2014
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Mabinogi Heroes | Arisha Figurine Close Ups [x]

27 Jul 2014
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When u get carried through a dungeon

26 Jul 2014


Old screenie of Amethystz and Peppertone(who are a couple irl) running to each other after Liono was defeated. Thought it was cute, haha. 

25 Jul 2014
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arisha gameplay

24 Jul 2014
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Vindictus Developer’s Note : Arisha the spellblade


Arisha is a female character who uses a Longblade and Castlet for combat. 

As most would expect from the name, a Longblade is a lengthy sword which Arisha swings with the power of mana instead of physical strength thus making it a magical attack.

The Castlet is a source used for Arisha’s spells and its name is derived from ‘Cast’ and ‘Gauntlet’.

Equipping a Castlet won’t display an extra glove or gauntlet but will be shown as a light effect on the back of her left hand.


Arisha’s combat style deviates from the traditional [normal hit + smash] sequence.

She will swing her Longblade with L and will use her Castlet to throw a Mana Stone with R.



[Throwing a Mana Stone with her Castlet]

The Castlet will not only be used for throwing Mana Stones but also can be used to retrieve or explode them.


[Mana Region, one of her skills used for bursting Mana Stones]

These actions are designed so that they will require the player to access the situation to make efficient decision. When to retrieve a Mana Stone, the route between Arisha and the Mana Stone, and when to burst a Mana Stone are examples of the decision a player must make.l

One criteria we set for her controls was to allow her to freely interchange between Longblade and Castlet actions so that players will feel comfortable with the different playstyle.

So Arisha can swing her Longblade, throw a Mana Stone, then return back to her Longblade combo from where she left off. It may feel unnatural for those who are used to the traditional style but it shouldn’t take too long to get used to.

Arisha will start using MP [Mana Point] as a resource once she reaches a certain level. Longblade attacks against an enemy will cause mana to flow out and she can absorb this with Drain Mana.

Mana will be used for her unique skills such as Mana Blade


Arisha will infuse her Longblade with mana when Mana Blade is activated.

Arisha’s attacks will consume mana while Mana Blade is activated but she will perform more devastating attacks during this state.

Her Longblade actions will also become different with lightning speed. Attack range, damage, and fluidity will be increased when Mana Blade is active.

She can also use Warp Hole to switch places with where she threw a Mana Stone and deal damage to enemies that are caught between Arisha and the Mana Stone.


 Other skills include;

Doomsayer which is used to absorb an enemy attack in to mana and activate Mana Blade

Cast Mana which is used to fire mana against an enemy to leave a mark. Arisha can instantly move in on the marked target at well.

Ruin Blade which is a powerful strike that consumes all of Arisha’s mana.

Lord of Mana which freezes time with mana.

and more can be seen as soon as the test server is opened.


her magic is very pretty D=

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22 Jul 2014
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인벤에서 공개한 마비노기영웅전의 9번째 영웅 “아리샤”

컨셉아트 대략 어느정도 케릭인지 알수있슴 가슴커서 좋다 ㅎ

Mabinogi Heros Korea

The use of sword and sorcery character

Concept Art  : Alisha (아리샤)